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Thumbs Down – Techo Twitter Posts week ending 11 Oct

Welcome to the Tumbs Down Edition of my review of the week in tech – each week I’m picking out the things that I thought were a stupid idea, a bad thing to happen or just payed out on a tech company deservedly that I submitted via Twitter for you all to read. If you haven’t already seen my Twitter feed of tech tips add me @aholesgrove or have a look at http://twitter.com/aholesgrove and subscribe to the RSS feed of my tweets.

Over the past few weeks my blog posts have grown quite large so I’ve split my review into two, labelled the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down editions to highlight the best and worst of technology news to hit the streets over the past week.

This week in Thumbs Down I started to realise that people are going to think that I’m an Apple hater and I’m really not – in fact I spend every day developing products in an Apple owned product called Filemaker and I love it.  Nevertheless, I am continually amazed at how much Microsoft cops flack for the bad things that they do and yet Apple are really screwing people over and people rarely speak out about it.  You might have heard about a new law that the US Government are discussing at the moment to force blogs to disclose all the freebies that they receive from tech companies – an obvious poke at Apple who are rumoured to give selected bloggers free gear and early sneak peaks at their technologies and threaten to cut off their access to executives and devices if they ever say a bad word about them.  This law will obviously expose all the wimps who are too afraid to lose their free stuff and don’t report objectively.  Very funny.

This article details the struggles that developers are having when they commit a large amount of time to creating a significant iPhone app, such as a game.  Apple, in all their ignorance, are alledgedly stuffing around in paying developers on time or at all, causing developers to struggle to make ends meet until they are finally rewarded for their work (with iPhone applications, Apple pays the developer in bulk a few times a year for their 70% of the application fee, rather than each time their application is sold). My comment in the tweet was making reference to the fact that they have gone on record as saying that cheap mobile apps, such as $0.99 apps, are not conducive to a heathly application marketplace to which there has been some pretty negative feedback in itself – personally I think Microsoft are sort of right on this one and there is a lot of talk about how there are 85,000 apps in the iTunes App Store and that this is amazing, but realistically all the iPhone developers are canabalising themselves and this article describes how in turn the developers are being left in the cold profit wise.  Couple this fact with that developers are constantly getting their applications rejected for inclusion in the App Store with little feedback, delaying their launch dates and causing further financial pain as a result of loss of planned income and what you get is a real problem that is going to come to a head soon.  I think that in about a years time, when better Windows Phone devices are on the market (with a far better OS than this one), legitimately competing with iPhone and providing a more balanced store with less junk and easier to find applications that have some worth and a priced fairly, this will either cause the iTunes App Store to either implode in infamy or more realistically cause them to dramatically change their policies and start doing things like removing applications that don’t sell well or restricting the amount of apps that can compete with each other, for example.  It’ll be an interesting saga to see play out, that’s for sure. As an aside not, isn’t it VERY funny that bit.ly auto generated a web address to this article spelling the word “DOOM”. Fate, my friends.

  • Wow I never knew about this, good article – Google‘s Abandoned Library of 700 Million Titles (Kevin Poulsen/Epicenter) http://bit.ly/34gIPk

Since this article came out, there was follow up news saying that Google were made aware of this article and the negative backlash that resulted from its publication and as a result were going to proactively attempt to upgrade the old USENET archive to make it as searchable as all of their other offerings.  So, it’s an on the fence proposition at the moment, but nonetheless it’s pretty crap that the old USENET archives of information have been effectively closed off to the public by being unusable.  For those of you who don’t want to bother reading the ariticle, USENET was an archive of news/comments/general information that predates news websites, blogs and Twitter.  There is a lot of information in there such as old photos of company products, info about tech company movements from the 80’s and the like that would be interesting to researchers or other people looking to take a lot more of a detailed look into the history of a tech company.  Google ended up buying this old facility for its information as part of their spending spree towards global domination in information resources.  We’ll see what Google have or will come up with to restore this.

Each update to Facebook has been friggin annoying and has caused its users to have to learn how to use the site all over again.  ‘Nuff said.  Let’s hope that this next update won’t be as painful but personally I’m not optimistic.

  • The best read on the internet I’ve found in a while, blogging irresponsibility, VC responsibility all covered here – http://bit.ly/3ojdgl

I personally appreciated reading this article as our company is heavily involved in Venture Capital funding to facilitate our future expansion – what this article details is how a person got on the ‘net and wrote a rather asinine article saying VC’s are ruining tech innovation, to which this guy responded and rightfully ripped the guy to shreads.  What I thought would most interest my audience of readers is seeing a classic example of how bloggers posing as reporters can be destructive without their fact checking.  For our company here on our blog, we have an make no illusion to the fact that we have our own products which we think are great for the Hire and Rental industry whilst maintaining a mostly neutral perspective on the tech landscape and writing to an audience that want to find out how the relevant things we talk about are consequently relevant to them.  There are other bloggers who try to be news organisations in general and write with far less integrity than an objective reporter and this is where the problem lies in modern day reporting – the author of this article rightfully argued the point that the person he was blasting embarrassed himself by trying to publish his opinion as news on his news blog.  In addition to this, the article is actually pretty funny to read as well. :)

  • ROFL! I wonder if Apple will make an ad about this – 85 Percent of Mac Switchers Forgot to Toss Windows PC http://bit.ly/mY385

Pretty funny statistic – More often than not, people are either buying a PC or their buying a Mac AND a PC, negating much of the rhetoric about Mac’s providing value for money over PC’s.  I can understand why people are switching to Macs to escape the daily frustration of Windows whilst keeping a Windows PC on standby to use in situations where they don’t know how to achieve something on a Mac (or just can’t get a similar app that solves a business problem for the Mac as they can for the PC).  For me personally, I found Mac OSX pretty daunting at first and it took me a while to learn all the different areas and achieve a comfort level with it and I’ve a developer who works with technology on a constant basis.  Where you have to poke fun though is at the Mac vs PC’s ads – this article details that people are keeping Windows PC’s whilst being Mac users because Windows is what they understand and trust, for better or for worse.  We’re all learning the new age of technology together and it’s pretty hard to keep up.  You know what?  We’re talking about making our next computer purchases being the latest Macs that come out next month and using both Windows 7 and Mac OSX on them, because we can, then we get the best of both worlds.  It’s a pretty interesting space to watch at the moment and in the meantime, all the Mac vs PC stuff is just really lame, both technologies are really good and should be treated as such.

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